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The Main Uses and Good Product Performances of Rubber Foam Products
Home » News » The Main Uses and Good Product Performances of Rubber Foam Products

Rubber industry and plastic industry are collectively called rubber & plastic industry, for their products are all ancillary products of petroleum. Rubber & plastic products are widely used in our daily life. For example, the rubber foam sheets (a kind of rubber foam products) supplied by foam rubber manufacturer china are high quality insulation material, which can used in situations of low-temperature deep cooling storage, underground engineering, flammable and explosive materials, moisture and chemical erosion, with safe, reliable and durable properties.

The main uses of rubber foam products are high-rise building external walls and roofing thermal insulation, various pipeline thermal insulation, air conditioning duct thermal insulation, fire doors, core layer of walls, inflammable material warehouses, cold storage thermal insulation, oil and chemicals pipelines, heat pipes, hot and cold air duct thermal insulation, chemical containers thermal insulation, etc.

Here are the good product performances of foam rubber china:

1. Low coefficient of thermal conductivity: as rubber foam products are usually thinner than any other thermal insulating materials, it is possible to use less rubber foam materials to achieve the same insulation effect; therefore, there is a significant saving on the material investment.

2. Good flame retardant performance: the foam rubber materials, containing a large amount of flame retardant, create low density smoke when they burn. Moreover, they do not melt in case of fire; do not create the burning fireball because of shelf-quenching feature.

3. Good flexible performance: with good wrapping ability and toughness, they can be used in the thermal wrapping for irregular pipes and curved pipelines in construction as well, saving raw material consumption.

4. Easy installation and nice appearance: Rubber foam products are rich in softness and easy to be installed. They can be packed and glued onto the pipes after cutting them according to different pipe sizes, in this way, it is possible to ensure the leakproofness and heat preservation issues of the entire system. Meanwhile, thanks to a covering of the rubber material smooth surface externally, plus the excellent properties of rubber foam themselves, it is not essential to use extra steam insulation layers and protective layers for wrapping the pipes, and more construction troubles can be avoided accordingly.

5. Good anti-vibration characteristic: rubber foam products have high elasticity, which make its possible to minimize the vibration and resonance created by the fluid flow in chilled water pipes and hot water pipes.

6. Other advantages: rubber foam products are very safe to use, for they neither stimulate the skin nor do harm to human body. They can prevent mould-growing, pests or mouse bites, and can be acid and alkali resistant. With these superior properties, rubber foam products are becoming increasingly the ideal thermal insulation material.

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