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Performance and Applications of Rockwool
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Rock wool is a kind of mineral wool by fusing various kinds of natural igneous rock. People take the selected basalt or diabase as the main raw materials, with the addition of some subsidy material to fuse this kind of synthesized inorganic fiber. The commercial process of rock wool can be dated back to the 1930s, and it has been ranked into the most widely used foam rubber manufacturer china in the worldwide. Besides, it is called the fifth conventional source of energy in the foreign countries. With the increasing conception of environmental protection, the rockwool china manufacturers continuously improve their technology to produce various kinds of rock wool products to meet the market demands of all kinds of industries. Compared with the traditional thermal insulation materials, the rock wool and related products are more welcomed because they have unique features.

Firstly, the excellent thermal insulation performance is the basic but important feature of rock wool that is why people often used it to produce rockwool fire barriers and rockwool insulation fire proof board in the building industry. Generally speaking, the rock wool belongs to inorganic silicate fiber and it is nonflammable, but people will add corresponding flammable adhesives during the process of machining, and the flammability of rock wool is depending on the amount of flammable adhesives. Furthermore, the excellent sound insulation is also the fantastic advantage of the rock wool, and people will find it in a lot of fields. Rock wool is widely used in the building industry because of its excellent properties. It is a kind of high quality insulation material, and it is mainly used as the rockwool acoustic insulation slabs and rockwool flexi sound insulation material in the buildings.

Due to the excellent heat insulation and fire proof features, rock wool products are quite suitable for the heat insulation of various kinds of industrial equipment, such as the tubes and furnaces. Besides, the heat insulation of building wall is the most important application among all building thermal insulation applications, and it can be divided into the local composite wall and the prefabrication composite wall. With the increasing crisis of the global energy source, the promotion of Rockwool composite wall has great meaning for the cold district. With the promotion of rockwool products and the improvement of technology, the china rockwool thermal insulation series have played an important role in the modern architectural building. Besides the construction applications, the rockwool products also play an important role in the shipping and agricultural fields and bring great convenience to people's daily life.

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