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Fiber Glass Insulations for Residential and Commercial Envelope Applications
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There are several types of fiber glass insulation used for home and building envelope applications:

Fiber Glass Loose Fill (Blown In):

Fiber glass loose-fill (blown-in) insulation is available in two forms – either processed from a by-product of manufacturing batts or rolls, or from “prime” fibers produced especially for blowing applications. Both must be applied through pneumatic means using a mechanical blowing machine. There is no difference in the energy saving performance of the two as long as they are installed according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Fiber glass loose-fill insulation is designed for “open blow” applications such as attic spaces or closed cavity applications such as those found inside walls or covered attic floors.

Dense-Pack Wall Insulation

Loose-fill fiber glass insulation, specially designed for blowing or “dense-packing”, uninsulated or under-insulated walls is available from several manufacturers. These products have been tested to verify they resist air flow through wall cavities when installed according to the manufacturer's recommendations and are labeled for this specific application. This type of installation usually requires cutting holes in either the exterior or interior side of the wall and inserting a hose to blow the insulation into the cavity at a minimum density. This type of installation should be done by individuals specifically trained for this type of work.

Fiber Glass Blanket Insulation

Fiber glass blanket insulation comes in either batt or roll form. The basic materials, sand and glass, are melted and then spun into wool-like fibers. These are processed into batt or roll insulation, with or without facing.

Batts and rolls are designed for use in framing members of residential and other light-frame constructions. Standard widths are available for 16 and 24-inch on-center spacing; special widths (slightly wider) are available for steel studs so they fill the void in the steel stud. A batt is a pre-cut piece of insulation, usually 47 to 96 inches in length. Rolls are available in lengths up to 70 feet.

Fiber Glass Metal Building Insulation

Fiber glass metal building insulation or NAIMA 202-96 Certified Metal Building Insulations are fiber glass blanket insulations that are manufactured to fit the widths and spacings of metal building girts and purlins.

These insulation blankets are unique in that they are over-engineered meet the code requirements specific to metal buildings and to maintain their R-value after the lamination, handling and installation process.

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