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Address: Room802, hongxing building No.3, Linke West Road, Hedong District, Tianjin City, China.

Tel: +86-22-60767280

Fax: +86-22-58823477

WhatsApp: +86-13312030322

Skype: andyjgl

E-mail: info@chinaglasswoolinsulation.com

  • ISOKING TM Glass Wool Insulation Blanket
  • Glass Wool BlanketOverview of ISOKING TM Glass Wool Insulation Blanket: ISOKING TM complete glass wool production lines employing latest-generation technology to manufacture boards, slice, rolled blankets and pipes ...
  • ISOWOOL TM Rock Wool Board
  • Rock Mineral Wool BoardISOWOOL TM rock wool board (Rock Mineral Wool Insulation board) is made of select fine basalt as the major materials which is pulled into 4-7µ non-continuous fibers after melted (at the temperature of 1450℃) by ...
  • Foam Rubber Insulation Sheets
  • Foam Rubber SheetsFIRSTFLEX TM rubber insulation sheets/roll are soft heat-insulating, heat-preservation and energy conservation materials made with advanced technology at home and abroad and advanced ...
  • FIRSTFLEX TM Glasswool Sandwich Panel
  • Glass Wool PanelISOKING TM Glass wool sandwich panel uses vertical-hair-shaped glass wool as inner side, colored steel sheets as outer side, after formed outer side, after formed by automatically machine, then ...
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