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  • Heat Insulation Ceramic Fiber Board
  • Heat Insulation Ceramic Fiber BulkThe ceramic fiber is manufactured from high purity raw material: alumina powder, silica sand for the high temperature grades and zircon sand is also used. The ceramic mixture is heated in a high temperature electric furnace and the stream of molten material is drawn into fibers by either spinning or blowing. It is produced by advanced "blown" and "spun" processes.
  • Heat Insulation Ceramic Fiber Paper
  • Heat Insulation Ceramic Fiber PaperThe ceramic fiber paper is manufactured by refractory fiber with high purity which is used in high-temperature insulating fields. The advance manufacturing technology makes the distribution of fiber be very even and the paper's thickness and storage can also be controlled strictly. It is made of refractory ceramic fiber with a little bond which is selected ...
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