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ISOKING TM EPS Sandwich Panel
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ISOKING TM EPS Sandwich Panel

Polystyrene sandwich panel (EPS Sandwich Panel) is a new type of construction panel.

Easy to install.

Low thermal conductivity.

ISO14001:2004 and CE certificate.

Description of ISOKING TM EPS Sandwich Panel:

Polystyrene sandwich panel (EPS Sandwich Panel) production process adopts the colored steel sheet as surface board, and the core material is closed cell polystyrene foam. It is a kind of high strength composited building material, and it was formed in the automated continuous molding machine, by combining the pressed colored steel with the high strength adhesives. EPS sandwich panel has the characteristics of complete insulation and durability, and beautiful appearance, etc.

In addition, ISOKING TM EPS sandwich panels have smooth surface, dirt can be easily removed, the entire panel is colorful. Metal color steel surface with a layer of high performance gel coat. It has a good chemical stability for air, water and general concentration of acid, alkali, salt and other material. It has good advantages: Good surface finish, Excellent gloss retention, Non-discoloration, Corrosion-resistant, Anti-sunny, Anti-aging.

ISOKING TM EPS Sandwich Panel Details:

Product Name

Polystyrene sandwich panel (EPS Sandwich Panel)

Steel Thickness


Panel thickness

50/75/100/125/150/250 mm

Effective width

950/980mm ---for roof

950/1150mm---for wall or ceiling


According to customer's request, less than 11.8m


Inner is EPS, two sides is Color steel sheet


Three layers:

Upper layer is steel sheet,

The inner layer is polystyrene sandwich,

The bottom layer is also steel sheet.

EPS Density

8- 40kg/m³


Blue, white grey or refer to RAL


Steel line for easy connect one by one

Film covering in order to protect the steel of panels


15~20 years


Light in weight, heat insulation, fireproof and waterproof, environmental.


Various roofs and walls referring to the large size factory buildings, storages, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, etc.

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