ISOKING TM Polyurethane (PU) Sandwich Panel
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ISOKING TM Polyurethane (PU) Sandwich Panel

Light in weight and easy to install.

Low thermal conductivity.

Cold Insulation performance is good.

ISO14001:2004 and CE certificate.

Good durability and Competitive price.

Description of ISOKING TM Polyurethane (PU) Sandwich Panel:

Polyurethane sandwich panel also called Anti-leakage roofing sandwich panels, Polyurethane foam sandwich panels, Polyurethane composite panels, PU sandwich panels, which is mainly used for buildings with cold insulation.

ISOKING TM Polyurethane PU sandwich panel is the upper and bottom metal exterior sheet sandwich with the PU foamed as core. The exterior metal sheet can be color steel sheet, aluminum coated steel sheet and embossed color steel sheet, etc. PU sandwich panel is the best heat insulation material acknowledged in the world now.

Polyurethane sandwich panel production requires advanced continuous sandwich panel production line, technology is both inside and outside galvanized (galvanized) color steel cold roll forming, intermediate coating of polyurethane foam composite. The patented anti-leakage sandwich roof shows the best advantage of polyurethane sandwich panels.

Polyurethane sandwich panel is with the good appearance and the overall effect, it is insulation, fireproof, waterproof and without re-decoration. It is quick and easy installation, short construction period, comprehensive benefits, with good price advantage. It is a highly efficient energy-saving building insulation material.

ISOKING TM Polyurethane (PU) Sandwich Panel Details:

Product Name

ISOKING Polyurethane PU sandwich panel

Steel Thickness

0.3-0.6mm(steel sheet)

0.7-0.9mm(aluminium sheet)

Panel thickness



Effective width

950mm-1000mm for roof

950mm 960mm 970mm 980mm

600-1200mm for wall

950mm 1000mm 1150mm 1200mm


According to your requests, less than 11.8m

PU Density

35-45 kg/m3

42kg/m3 for standard


Inner is polyurethane foam, two sides is color steel sheet /Stainless steel sheet/ aluminum sheet


White, Silver, Blue, Grey, Red or refer to RAL




15-20 years


Heat insulation, Fireproof & Cold Insulation, Sound absorption,


Packed by plastic bags, Standard exporting package.


Mainly used for Central air conditioning, Building wall materials, Cold storage, Freezer, Incubator, Chemical tanks, and other fields.

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