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ISOKING TM Glass Wool Sandwich Panel
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ISOKING TM Glass Wool Sandwich Panel

Fireproofing and good sound absorption.

Low thermal conductivity.

Insulation performance is good.

ISO14001: 2004 and CE certificate.

Description of ISOKING TM Glass Wool Sandwich Panel:

ISOKING TM Glass wool sandwich panel uses vertical-hair-shaped glass wool as inner side, colored steel sheets as outer side, after formed outer side, after formed by automatically machine, then adhered with super glue. It is good in fireproofing because colored steel sheet and glass wool doesn’t flame. It’s suitable to be used as roof panel and wall panel. Glass wool sandwich panel has a good future in noise reduction, specially suitable for the place where is high requirement in the sound absorption.

ISOKING TM Glass Wool Sandwich Panels Has the Following Advantages:

ISOKING TM Glass wool sandwich panel is fire rating of non-combustible A grade, lightweight, smooth surface, non-absorbent, easy installation, fast construction, energy-saving etc., It is a new building insulation material.

The highlight advantages of glass wool sandwich panel are low density, excellent thermal insulation properties. In addition, There is no loss during the transportation or the installation process. ISOKING TM Glass wool sandwich panels have non-flammable, non-toxic, corrosion resistance, small density, low thermal conductivity, chemical stability, low moisture absorption rate and other advantages.

ISOKING TM Glass wool sandwich panel is recognized the superior performance of thermal insulation, It has lots of advantages: Sound-absorbing materials, Environmental protection, NoN-formaldehyde.

ISOKING TM Glass wool sandwich panel is with high closed cell rate, a unique plug interface design, stronger wind pressure resistance capacity; Glass wool sandwich panels are beautiful and elegant; plug-in connection tight, no heat conduction of steel plate; both sides of the polyurethane seal, cut off water absorbent of core, and prolong life.

ISOKING TM Glass Wool Sandwich Panel Details:

Glasswool Sandwich Panels is Using Color Steel, Galvanized Sheet or Stainless Steel as the upper

and lower surface and Glass wool as the core material, composited by special glue of building use.

Product Name

ISOKING Glasswool (Fiberglass wool) Sandwich Panels

Steel Thickness


Panel thickness



Effective width

950mm-1000mm for roof

950mm 960mm 970mm 980mm

600-1200mm for wall

950mm 1000mm 1150mm 1200mm


According to your requests less than 11.8m

Glasswool Density

30-60 kg/m3

36kg/m3 and 42kg/m3 for standard


Inner is glass wool, two sides is color steel sheet


White, Silver, Blue, Grey, Red or refer to RAL




15-20 years


Heat insulation, Fireproof & Waterproof, Sound absorption


Packed by plastic bags, Standard exporting package.


Various roofs and walls referring to the large size factory, buildings, storages,

exhibition halls, gymnasiums, prefabricated house, etc.

FIRSTFLEX TM Glasswool Sandwich Panel
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