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IKING GROUP are committed to manufacturing and supplying building insulation material. Our insulation material products include: Glass wool insulation, Rockwool insulation, Elastomeric nitrile rubber insulation and sandwich panel insulation.

Rockwool insulation is made from rocks and minerals. Rockwool insulation also called stone wool insulation, mineral wool insulation, or slag wool insulation. To make rockwool insulation, minerals and other raw materials are heated to about 2910°F (about 1600°C) in a furnace. The finished product is a mass of very fine intertwined fibers, bound together with special binder. dust laying oil is also added during production to decrease the formation of dust. Made of natural materials, rockwool insulation is safe to manufacture and use.

The individual fibers of rockwool insulation are good heat barrier, among them the rolls and sheets of this insulation are highly efficient at blocking heat transfer. The final products of rockwool are often used to prevent the spread of fire in buildings, they are rock wool blanket, rock wool board, rock wool pipes and rock wool Lamella.

Due to its excellent ability to prevent sound and heat, rockwool insulation is widely used in commercial building, steel structure, prefab house and HVAC, etc.

As the main manufacturer of building insulation material in China, IKING GROUP provide a wide range of insulation material products, not only Rock Mineral Wool Insulation, but also glass wool insulation, elastomeric nitrile rubber insulation and sandwich panels. Welcome you to choose our IKING insulation material products.

  • ISOWOOL TM Rock Wool Board
  • Rock Mineral Wool BoardISOWOOL TM rock wool board (Rock Mineral Wool Insulation board) is made of select fine basalt as the major materials which is pulled into 4-7µ non-continuous fibers after melted (at the temperature of 1450℃) by adopting advanced international four-roller centrifugal cotton-making ...
  • ISOWOOL TM Rock Wool Pipes
  • Rock Mineral Wool PipesISOWOOL TM Rockwool pipe is produced from non-combustible mineral fibers. It is strong and rigid and suitable for application on process and piping works operating of maximum temperature +700°C. Each section of rock wool pipe can be split at one side for easy installation.
  • FIRSTFLEX TM Rock Wool Blanket
  • Rock Mineral Wool BlanketISOWOOL TM Rock wool blanket is a mineral-wool-type insulation that resists temperatures up to 1,093°C, thus offering superior fire protection in a wide variety of fire-rated applications. Highest fire rating; Water repellent, asbestos free; Non-combustible, non-corrosive ...
  • Rock Wool Lamella
  • Rock Mineral Wool LamellaISOWOOL TM rock wool lamella is made of basalt as the major materials which is pulled into 4-7µ non-continuous fibers after melted (temperature up to 1450℃) by adopting advanced international four-roller centrifugal cotton-making procedures and adding a certain ...
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